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Bates Family announces code for Vital ICE download

 By Kenny Mitchell- Publisher

A meeting with local fire departments, dispatchers and other emergency personnel was held this morning at Bates Family Funeral Home to discuss a new smartphone App that is set to greatly assist first responders and EMS personnel when answering a call for help.

Bates Family Funeral Home in De Kalb, Texas has invested back into the community in order to promote the saving of lives. Owners Robb and Robby Bates recognized a very unique opportunity to assist our local first responders through an ingenious “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” (ICE) initiative.

 Robb and Robby Bates and the staff of Bates Family Funeral Home are set to launch the Vital ICE App, available for download on the Apple App Store and Google play, for your smart phone. The code for Vital ICE was released today, enabling anyone who downloads and uses the App to do so absolutely free of charge, with no In-App Purchases, commercials or other advertisements. The code to use, once the App is downloaded, is 2009.

Bates Family Funeral Home is making this potentially life-saving app available at no cost to the community in an effort to assist local fire departments and emergency medical services save lives.  They ask that you please take just a few minutes to download the Vital ICE app and fill in the information so that you are prepared in case of an emergency.  This app is available to the entire community, regardless of age, so do not pass up this great life-saving opportunity.

In the event of an emergency, first responders can use the Vital ICE app to retrieve the user’s vital information. This information can then be easily taken on the ambulance to the hospital, or emailed directly to the hospital from the app, where ER staff can further access this critical information. Remember, time is of the essence when saving lives!

The sticker to go along with the App is now being produced by a local sign company and it will soon be available for distribution. The sticker can be placed on the user’s home or vehicle so that first responders will be aware that the App is available when responding to an emergency call at that location.

Bates hopes that fire departments will place the stickers on their fire trucks and their personal vehicles, and that ambulance services will as well, as a reminder that this vital information may be available on a person’s phone.

In this morning’s meeting, emergency personnel from New Boston, DeKalb and Avery were represented and were excited about the possibilities that come with Vital ICE. Ron Clark of New Boston VFD and Robbie Barrett with the DeKalb VFD said that they would present the App at next week’s Bowie County firefighter’s meeting and Gary Tucek and Phyllis Stanley said that the App could be presented to Red River County firefighters at their July 5 meeting at Rosalie. Robb Bates will plan to attend those meetings to answer any questions that might arise about Vital ICE.

The consensus from the meeting was that all areas of emergency response could greatly benefit from learning about and rolling out the App to the general public, including Lifenet, the BCSO and other law enforcement agencies in Northeast Texas.

Once again, the code to use to receive Vital ICE at no charge is 2009. If you have any questions, please call Robb Bates at 903-667-2009.